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Eskom exemption u-turn – A victory for the public – says OUTA



Eskom has taken over load shedding of Ekurhuleni

The National Treasury has withdrawn Eskom’s exemption. The public advocacy group, Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA), has commended the department for reversing its decision to exempt the power utility from reporting irregular expenditures, signalling a recognition of the public’s discontent and the importance of public consultation.

eNCA reports that OUTA expressed its appreciation for the Treasury’s responsiveness in a statement, highlighting the need for transparency and accountability within state-owned enterprises like Eskom.

The National Treasury clarified that Eskom must take substantial operational measures to combat fraud and corruption before any consideration of an exemption can be entertained.

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This change in stance comes after Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana faced backlash from energy experts, trade unions, and opposition political parties, leading him to retract the gazette granting Eskom the exemption in early April.


National Treasury stressed its engagement with the Auditor-General and carefully considered all public comments.

The withdrawal of Eskom’s exemption highlights a significant shift in approach, emphasising the importance of adherence to financial regulations and the necessity for Eskom to demonstrate its commitment to tackling irregular expenditures effectively.

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