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Investigation launched into alleged sabotage by top-level Eskom executive – Calls for arrest grow



sabotaging power stations

In a shocking revelation, a high-level Eskom executive has been implicated in a widespread campaign of sabotaging power stations. Reports suggest that the police are actively investigating the executive, who possesses top-secret security clearance, for allegedly orchestrating deliberate breakdowns at these critical facilities. According to an exposé by the City Press, the executive faces accusations of enlisting the help of engineers to ensure the occurrence of these breakdowns, with leaked WhatsApp messages forming part of the evidence under scrutiny.

Briefly News reports that the leaked messages, obtained by authorities, allegedly depict conversations between the executive and co-conspirators openly discussing plans to sabotage power stations. Their objective was purportedly to create opportunities for lucrative contracts related to repairs and maintenance. The accused individuals involved in this elaborate scheme reportedly include a forensic auditor, Eskom engineers, unemployed artisans, and their families.

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Eskom, South Africa’s state-owned electricity utility, has previously highlighted sabotage as one of the contributing factors to the ongoing energy crisis the country faces. Former Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter, as reported by TimesLIVE, acknowledged that equipment sabotage and coal syndicates played a role in the frequent power outages experienced by the nation. In addition, power stations suffered from unexplained failures and oil leakages, adding to the challenges already faced by Eskom.

The news of the Eskom executive’s alleged involvement in sabotaging power stations has provoked strong reactions from South Africans. Many social media users expressed their frustration, with some demanding immediate action, including arresting the executive and denying his bail. Others raised suspicions about broader motives and conspiracies surrounding Eskom’s infrastructure and the potential acceleration of privatisation. Yet, amidst public outrage, the investigation continues, and authorities are determined to uncover the truth behind these alarming allegations, ensuring accountability and the stability of South Africa’s power supply.


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