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Pastor Loses Court Case Over Disturbing Facebook Post



pastor -Pastor Loses Court Case Over Disturbing Facebook Post

In a recent court case, a Pretoria pastor found himself at the centre of a legal battle against a Cape Flats animal activist. The Pastor, Mark le Roux, faced a civil suit filed by Cape of Good Hope chief inspector Jaco Pieterse after a contentious Facebook post went viral nearly four years ago.

The post in question depicted Pastor Mark le Roux boasting about shooting a bookie and eating its testicles as reported by the Daily Voice. In the post, he provocatively questioned whether such actions made him a “true man.” The graphic and distasteful nature of the post quickly drew widespread criticism on social media.

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In response to the controversial Facebook post, Jaco Pieterse, an animal activist, took to social media and referred to Pastor le Roux as a “sicko.” The post led to heated exchanges between the two parties, culminating in Le Roux’s decision to sue Pieterse for defamation. In his legal claim, Le Roux demanded R200,000 in damages, stating that the comments made by Pieterse had a damaging impact on his reputation, cost him his job, and resulted in the loss of his congregation.

The case was brought before the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court, where Judge Katlego Mokeona presided over the proceedings. During the trial, the court examined the Facebook post, the subsequent comments made by both parties and the allegedly defamatory statements that formed the basis of Le Roux’s claim.


In the courtroom, Judge Mokeona made a significant ruling, siding with Jaco Pieterse and dismissing Le Roux’s case. The judge described the images and content in the Facebook post as “grotesque,” but he highlighted that the legal issue at hand went beyond the two individuals involved. Judge Mokeona emphasised that numerous Facebook friends and social media users also criticised and ridiculed Pastor Le Roux, which led the judge to view the case as a clash of male egos rather than a straightforward defamation claim.

In his ruling, Judge Mokeona reasoned that it would be unfair to single out Jaco Pieterse for legal action while ignoring the others who participated in negative comments about Le Roux. He asserted that if Le Roux were to pursue legal action against Pieterse, he would also have to take similar actions against all those who joined in the criticism.

As a result of the dismissal, the court ordered Pastor Mark le Roux to pay for Jaco Pieterse’s legal fees. In response to the ruling, Le Roux intended to appeal the judgement.

Following the court’s decision, Jaco Pieterse expressed his satisfaction, viewing it as a victory for animal welfare and the dignity of all animals. The case has shed light on the importance of responsible social media use and the need for accountability in online interactions.

This case serves as a cautionary reminder of the potential consequences of online posts and the significance of promoting the ethical treatment of animals and respectful engagement on social media platforms.


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