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Community Protest in Alexandra Over Power Outages Leads to Road Closures



Power outages in Alexandra

Power outages in Alexandra have led to the deployment of law enforcement authorities on Monday morning to address a community protest that resulted in the closure of Marlboro Drive and Pretoria Main Road. According to Jacaranda FM, the ongoing power outages in the area add to the frustrations expressed by Alex residents last month regarding the apparent lack of service delivery.

Johannesburg metro police spokesperson Xolani Fihla has urged motorists to seek alternative routes due to the ongoing closures and heavy disruptions caused by the protest. The intersection of Marlboro Drive and Pretoria Main Road in Marlboro is closed, along with Viola Road.

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Law enforcement officers were on the scene to maintain order. The closures are causing significant disruptions as traffic is being diverted away from the affected areas, impacting the flow of vehicles in and out of the Marlboro Driving License Testing Centre. Commuters should anticipate heavy delays along Marlboro Drive on the M1 South, particularly towards the Marlboro Drive and Grayston Drive exit. Additionally, Andre Street in Wineburg and Grayston Drive in Sandton, heading towards the M1, may also experience congestion.

Authorities are working to address the concerns of the protesting residents and restore normalcy to the affected areas. They advised motorists to stay updated and plan their routes accordingly to minimise inconvenience.


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