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Truck Attacks in South Africa Linked to Labour Issues, Differing Opinions on Motive



truck attacks are linked to labour issues

Deputy national police commissioner of crime detection Shadrack Sibiya stated that the recent truck attacks are linked to labour issues, notably the employment of foreigners, and not connected to the July 2021 unrest or any other event.

Eyewitness News reports that at least 21 trucks were torched in three provinces in July alone. These crimes led to the arrest of five individuals in Mpumalanga who will appear in court on Monday. According to Sibiya, the arrested individuals, who are truck drivers, expressed frustration with their employers for not addressing their concerns and instead hiring foreigners. Sibiya also mentioned that they had identified the ringleaders involved.

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However, the Institute for Security Studies’ Gareth Newham disagreed, stating that the motive behind the attacks cannot be solely because of labour issues. Newham suggested that the police may not be sharing all the information they have, playing their cards close to their chest.

CEO of the Road Freight Association, Gavin Kelly, expressed scepticism towards recent statements by Minister of Police Bheki Cele, questioning why the authorities haven’t taken action against the perpetrators earlier. Kelly also highlighted the need for proactive intelligence to prevent such incidents from occurring.


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