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Prayers for Leon Schuster as He Sends Boks Message from Hospital



Prayers for Leon Schuster as He Sends Boks Message from Hospital

In an unexpected turn of events, renowned South African comedian Leon Schuster found himself admitted to a hospital in Pretoria, not as part of one of his signature pranks, but for a genuine reason – back surgery.

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Despite the hospital setting, Schuster’s irrepressible spirit remained undiminished as reported by Briefly. The 74-year-old funnyman extended his well-wishes to the national rugby team, the Springboks, through a heartfelt video. This gesture came just in time for their friendly match against New Zealand scheduled for Friday, 25 August.

Amid the hospital backdrop, Schuster’s playful energy shone through as he introduced his latest song, “Die Bok Masjien.” Lying on his hospital bed, he delivered his message with characteristic wit, quipping in Afrikaans, “I’m here lying in a hospital bed, but I feel good.”

The impact of Schuster’s message was far-reaching. The video resonated with many across Mzansi, prompting an outpouring of support and well-wishes for the comedian’s swift recovery. The shared video traversed various online groups, leaving an indelible impression as people marvelled at Schuster’s performance and unbreakable high spirits even in the face of a hospital stay.


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