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Spanish Federation Alleges Hermoso’s ‘Lies’ About Football Chief’s Kiss



Spanish Federation Alleges Hermoso's 'Lies' About Football Chief's Kiss

On Saturday, the Spanish football federation lodged accusations against Jenni Hermoso, a Women’s World Cup player, labelling her statements about a kiss with federation president Luis Rubiales as “lies.” The federation went further, warning of potential legal action to address what they perceived as falsehoods as reported by Eyewitness News.

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The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and Rubiales asserted their commitment to “demonstrate each of the lies” they believe have been disseminated. Their resolve to defend the “honour of the President of the RFEF” is strong, and they are prepared to undertake “as many legal actions as necessary” to uphold this.

Hermoso, however, refuted Rubiales’ version of events on Friday, stating that she did not consent to the kiss on the lips that supposedly occurred after Spain’s World Cup victory against England. In contrast to Rubiales’ claim, she asserted that there was no agreement on her part for such an interaction.

Rubiales stood his ground and chose not to resign despite facing widespread criticism. He contended that the kiss was characterised by “mutual, euphoric, and consensual” sentiments. He shared that Hermoso had responded “OK” when he sought permission to give her a “peck.” In a firm tone, he recounted that she had lifted him and brought him closer to her body.


Nevertheless, Hermoso pushed back with a robust rebuttal, expressing her “vulnerability and victimhood” in response to Rubiales’ account. She aimed to set the record straight, clarifying that she never consented to the kiss, and, importantly, she categorically denied any action of lifting the president.

Hermoso chose to communicate through her Futpro union to amplify her stance, releasing an official statement to affirm her perspective.

In a demonstration of solidarity and protest, Hermoso aligned herself with other women players by participating in a strike against Rubiales’ behaviour.

The ongoing conflict between the Spanish football federation Jenni Hermoso and Luis Rubiales revolves around differing narratives of a kiss. Both parties assertively articulate their positions, with statements and intentions of legal action being paramount.

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