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EFF Urges Zimbabweans in South Africa to Return Home



EFF Urges Zimbabweans in South Africa to Return Home

Today, on August 23, 2023, the Republic of Zimbabwe is holding its General elections. Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, the current leader of Zimbabwe, is seeking a second term as the head of state, as reported by Opera News.

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In a notable development, the Monetary Political Dissidents, the third-largest ideological group in the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa, is encouraging Zimbabweans residing in South Africa and the diaspora to return home and participate in the Public General Races.

The Financial Political dissidents have expressed their desire for peaceful, accessible, and fair elections in Zimbabwe, stating, “We wish Zimbabwe quiet, free and fair races to permit individuals to choose their preferred public authority.”

There are notable remarks from different perspectives in response to this call for participation. One individual highlights the time constraints of voting in Zimbabwe, emphasising that even if Zimbabweans return now, they can only vote if they have registered beforehand.


Another remark questions the promises made by the organisers of the call to return home and vote. This perspective accuses those encouraging Zimbabweans to return of not fulfilling their commitments, particularly regarding transportation. It suggests that the call to return and vote may be a superficial gesture and implies that the focus should be on tangible contributions, such as working on property, rather than just voting.

Today’s General elections in the Republic of Zimbabwe mark a significant political event, with the incumbent leader seeking re-election. The involvement of the Monetary Political dissidents from South Africa adds a cross-border dimension to the elections. While some voices advocate for active participation, others critique the feasibility and sincerity of the call to return and vote.

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