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Surge in Popularity: Vinyl Records Back in Demand



Surge in Popularity Vinyl Records Back in Demand

Vinyl enthusiasts converged at Railways Café in Irene, Centurion, for the monthly Vinyl Market, immersing themselves in a celebration of vintage sounds and musical treasures.

The event unfolded as a harmonious fusion of culinary delights and sonic nostalgia, where attendees savoured their favourite meals and libations amidst the soulful cadence of vinyl records. Organised by dedicated event planners, this monthly gathering has become a cornerstone of the Capital City’s cultural scene, gracing the last weekend of every month as reported by Enews.

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Beyond the gustatory and auditory pleasures, the Vinyl Market offered a unique chance for collectors to acquire coveted vinyl albums. This opportunity is a gem in today’s context, given the scarcity of vinyl dealers in the country. The market’s role in nurturing vinyl’s revival is pronounced, aligning with the tenacity of an industry that has defied predictions of obsolescence.

Richard Taylor, the orchestrator of this vibrant rendezvous, emphasised the enduring vitality of the vinyl domain. For close to a decade, this event has echoed through various locations, with The Railways Café emerging as its latest home. Taylor’s insights amplify the intrigue as he notes the recent shift in vinyl sales, which have eclipsed CD sales—an unexpected twist that contradicts earlier forecasts.


Recent reports, such as those highlighted by CBS News, underscore this resurgence. In a remarkable turnaround spanning more than three decades, vinyl record sales have reclaimed the throne from CDs, achieving substantial growth, amounting to a staggering $1.7 billion in 2022.

Intrinsically, vinyl’s allure is multifaceted, as Taylor aptly observed. “Vinyl records have something special that keeps people loving them,” he mused. Whether driven by the tactile experience, the warm timbre of analogue playback, or the allure of cover art, vinyl’s magnetic pull is undeniable, engaging both heart and soul.

Vendors such as Stash Records, Archie’s Jingle Jangle, @djbob206, and Red Dot Records contributed to the tapestry of offerings, gracing the market with various vinyl treasures.

Amidst the enthusiasm, music enthusiast Sethu Zazela stood as a testament to the market’s appeal. Focused on procuring vinyl records that resonated with his preferences, Zazela’s quest was driven by a particular affinity for collections advertised across social media by dealers. Expressing the rarity of South African recordings in conventional outlets, Zazela, a resident of Johannesburg, journeyed to Pretoria, drawn by the market’s notable selection of local records.

While this article delved deep into the enchanting world of vinyl, its concluding mention of a massive music festival in Pretoria offers a curious juxtaposition, a bridge to an unrelated sonic realm that echoes the diverse musical spirit of the region.


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