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Increase in Trio Crimes Reported in Bramley



The Gauteng province has published its crime statistics for the third quarter from October to December 2022/2023. The Gazette has identified areas of interest for its local readers as reported by the Santon Chronicls.

The Ministry of Police is expediting the implementation of legislation that aims to address deficiencies in policing and laws that enhance the police’s work. One such measure is the revision of the SAPS Act to improve the operations of Community Policing Forums (CPFs).

Bramley has been mentioned only once in the statistics, ranking 25th in Gauteng for trio crime incidents, which include carjacking, robbery at residential premises, and robbery at non-residential premises. The station reported 89 incidents of trio crimes during the period, representing a 32% increase from the previous year.

Sandringham station also featured once in the statistics, coming in 23rd in the province for carjackings with 43 incidents this year, marking a -10% decrease from last year.

For commercial crimes, Sandton Police Station ranked third in Gauteng with 306 incidents over the recent period, reflecting a -2% decrease from the previous year. Sandton also came in 20th in the province for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs with 84 incidents, representing a 57% increase from the preceding year.


The Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, stated that the published crime figures demonstrated that the police force had made progress in reducing criminal activity through visible policing and disruptive operations. However, he added that a community-centred approach to preventing and combating crime would yield better results.

Photo by Ron Lach

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