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Edenvale Police Issue Warning About Theft from Vehicles



The Edenvale SAPS is urging the public to remain vigilant and take preventative measures to prevent theft out of motor vehicles. According to the corporate communications officer, Warrant Officer Jacob Mashile, the recent increase in cases reported for theft out of motor vehicles has raised concerns. In sector four, as well as around shopping malls, crimes have been committed, and motorists and passengers are being advised not to leave any valuables visible in a vehicle as reported by Bedfordview and Edenvale News.

Mashile highlighted that visible valuables could attract potential criminals. To help protect vehicles and the belongings inside them, the police have provided some helpful tips. Motorists are advised to park their cars in well-lit, secure spaces, preferably near a security guard and, when possible, in a secure garage or facility. They should always lock the doors and close the windows, whether inside the car or not.

Remote jamming is a rising trend in vehicle theft. Criminals use remote jamming devices to prevent the car from locking, leaving victims unaware unless they double-check that the vehicle is locked. Mashile recommends that motorists physically check that the door handles are locked and never leave their keys inside the vehicle, even if they only get out to open the gate. They should also be mindful of where they keep their spare keys.

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When getting out of a vehicle, people should be vigilant and avoid leaving purses, phones, or other expensive items visible. Mashile advised motorists to keep their handbags, laptop, and other valuable items safely locked in the boot. Additionally, they can install extra security features like a vehicle immobiliser, steering wheel lock, and anti-smash-and-grab film on their windows to provide additional protection against break-ins.


Mashile also emphasised the importance of alertness when stopping at traffic lights or approaching driveways. He suggested that people turn off their car radios and focus on their surroundings to avoid being targeted by criminals. These preventative measures can help to ensure the safety of individuals and their belongings.

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Photo: Twitter / @SA Police Service

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