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Rand Water Assures Supply Despite Water Woes in Johannesburg but Blames Residents



Rand Water in Gauteng

Rand Water in Gauteng is confident in its ability to supply water to consumers during the water crisis in the region. news24 reports that over the past week, some areas in Johannesburg have experienced low water pressure or even no water, particularly as the summer months approach.

In a joint statement by Rand Water and Johannesburg Water, they attributed the water issues to high water consumption. Rand Water sources water from the Vaal Integrated River System, purifies it and distributes it to municipalities in Gauteng. Johannesburg Water purchases this bulk water and distributes it to residents.

Rand Water spokesperson Makenosi Maroo emphasised that Rand Water can supply 5,000 megalitres daily. Maroo noted that the key challenge is the high level of consumption, which residents can address by adopting water-saving practices.

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This issue is not the first time Johannesburg has faced water supply challenges during hot weather. Experts have stressed that residents cannot be solely blamed for these recurring issues.


Johannesburg Water’s latest update indicated that the Commando System, responsible for supplying water to much of the western and inner city areas, is under severe strain. This system comprises the Brixton, Hursthill, and Crosby components. Adjustments are being made to address the challenges, such as throttling reservoirs and managing supply to specific areas.

High-lying areas can expect disruptions in their water supply, and some reservoirs remain critically low. Residents should remember that Johannesburg is under Level 1 water restrictions until March 31, 2024. These restrictions prohibit activities like cleaning driveways, washing cars, and watering gardens with a hosepipe between 06:00 and 18:00.

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