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Despite Urgent Call for Cut-Backs, Water Usage Remains High in Joburg



water use in Johannesburg is still too high

Rand Water and Johannesburg Water are sounding the alarm as the water use in Johannesburg is still too high despite calls for more conservative consumption to relieve the immense pressure on systems operating at near-capacity levels.

In a joint statement, the water utilities reiterated the urgent need for residents to reduce their water usage, according to news24. They highlighted that they struggle to maintain reservoirs at adequate water levels due to increased consumption in the metro and surrounding areas.

The statement cautioned, “High potable water consumption may result in the collapse of the system, which will result [in] intermittent water supply.”

The City has implemented Level 1 water restrictions, effective September 1st. Despite these restrictions, the demand for water remains exceptionally high.

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Rand Water supplies an average of 4,643 megaliters daily, with peak-day demand surging to 5,036 megaliters daily. This water supply serves 18 municipalities across Gauteng, parts of the North West, Free State, and Mpumalanga, catering to more than 17 million consumers.

Residents must adopt water-saving practices, including avoiding using clean drinking water for watering lawns, filling swimming pools, or hosing paved areas and driveways to alleviate the strain on the water system. Additionally, washing cars should be limited to weekends using buckets, and shorter showers are encouraged over baths. Simple steps like turning off the tap while brushing your teeth can also make a significant difference.

Rand Water spokesperson Makenosi Maroo emphasised the importance of water conservation, noting that many of their strategically located reservoirs are below the ideal 60% to 80% due to high consumption. She stressed, “We urge consumers to reduce their consumption and to adopt water-saving habits.”

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Picture: Pexels / Tima Miroshnichenko

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