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Gauteng Faces Imminent Water Shortage Warns Rand Water



Gauteng Faces Imminent Water Shortage, Warns Rand Water

Gauteng residents are teetering on the edge of a looming water crisis, primarily driven by skyrocketing water consumption rates. Rand Water has sounded the alarm, highlighting that this surge in water usage is not only straining its own infrastructure but also placing immense pressure on Joburg Water’s systems as reported by Eyewitness News.

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The situation has become so critical that Rand Water’s facilities are perilously close to collapsing, with the utility currently operating at maximum capacity. In response to this impending crisis, Level 1 water restrictions were implemented at the start of September and are set to remain in effect until the end of March next year. These restrictions aim to ensure the region’s continuous and sustainable water supply.

Makenosi Maroo of Rand Water has outlined several crucial water-saving measures for residents to adopt. These include simple actions like turning off taps while brushing teeth, promptly repairing any leaking taps, using sprinklers during the evening or early morning hours to minimise water loss through evaporation, installing low-flow restrictors on home taps, and refraining from watering gardens during daylight hours but instead doing so between sunset and sunrise. These measures collectively contribute to conserving this precious resource and mitigating Gauteng’s impending water supply challenges.

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