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Recyclers Sorting Waste Next to ‘No Illegal Dumping’ Sign in Highlands North Raises Concerns



Recyclers ignore an illegal dumping sign in Highlands North

Recyclers ignore an illegal dumping sign in Highlands North as they continue to use the entrance of the fenced-off Hilson Park for waste sorting activities. Despite the area being fenced off in March last year due to complaints about recyclers occupying the space, this disregard for the sign has raised concerns among residents. Bruce Bernstein, a resident of Highlands North, led the project to fence off the park and garnered support from neighbouring properties affected by the issue. The initiative, part of the James and Ethel Gray Park rehabilitation program, received assistance from the Abbotsford Residents Association and Highlands North Residents and Ratepayers Association. The project, which received the sanction of City Parks and was aware of Ward 74 councillor Belinda Echeozonjoku, aimed to address the presence of more than 100 waste pickers operating within the park, leading to their relocation through a coordinated effort.

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Officer Xolani Fihla, the spokesperson for the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD), acknowledged that illegal dumping had been an ongoing challenge for both the city and its residents. The JMPD received numerous complaints, prompting the establishment of a dedicated team within the By-law Management Unit to combat this serious offence. This team is out to monitor and apprehend illegal dumpers, issuing fines when individuals are caught red-handed or traced back to their actions.

In response to the situation, Fihla urged residents to play an active role by reporting any instances of illegal dumping to the Anti-Illegal Dumping Hotline at 082 779 1361. He emphasised the importance of providing clear photos of the illegal dumping, along with the vehicle’s number plate and supplying the offence’s date, time, and location. By collaborating with residents and enforcing strict measures against illegal dumpers, authorities aim to end this persistent problem and preserve the cleanliness of the community.

Source: Recyclers sort out waste next to ‘no illegal dumping’ sign in Highlands North


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Picture: Pexels / Tom Fisk

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