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Environmental Disaster in Kempton Park: Contractor Lands in Hot Water Over Illegal Dumping, Legal Action Imminent!



Contractor faces legal action after illegal dumping in Kempton Park

Newedge Technology plans to take legal action against a contractor hired to dispose of the waste following a fire at their Terrace Road property. According to Kempton Express, the contractor had illegally dumped the waste in several areas across Kempton Park and Edenvale.

Ward 17 Clr Simon Lapping received a report of illegal dumping next to Dries Niemandt Park and conducted an investigation which led him to conclude that the waste belonged to Newedge Technology. He escalated the matter to the Sebenza SAPS, the EMPD and the City of Johannesburg’s environmental health department. Sebenza SAPs then opened against Newedge Technology.

A fire broke out at Newedge Technology’s Sebenza premises on August 30 last year, which spread rapidly and caused much stock to be lost. The SAPS, fire department, and insurers conducted thorough investigations and eventually authorised the demolition of the building.

Newedge Technology mandated a contractor to demolish the building and dispose of any waste during the fire, including the destroyed or damaged stock. However, the demolition contractor did not handle waste disposal because it was not his expertise.

The contractor received the details of an entity that could provide this service. Still, the entity was illegitimate and dumped the waste around Kempton Park and Edenvale. Newedge Technology employed none of the persons involved in the illegal dumping. Furthermore, the company did not mandate the contractor to dispose of the waste unlawfully.


Representatives from Newedge Technology engaged legal counsel to assist in taking the necessary steps to ensure the culprits are brought to justice. They will adequately tidy the areas where waste from their building was dumped.

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