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Safety Initiative Blossoms in Robertsham



Safety Initiative Blossoms in Robertsham

Residents of Robertsham have come together to form a unified front in their quest for a safer and more secure neighbourhood. This display of unity has given rise to a new community group, the Robertsham Streetwise Forum (RSF), which is determined to create a safer environment.

Ishtiyak Gaffoor, the group’s secretary, expressed the significance of RSF’s establishment as a moment of inspiration for Robertsham. The group consists of dedicated individuals from diverse backgrounds who share a common vision: addressing safety concerns and enhancing security in the community.

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The RSF aims to achieve its objectives by establishing a cooperative network that extends its services to the community. It brings together long-time residents, concerned parents, local business owners, and emerging leaders who recognise the importance of improving security to enhance the quality of life for all in Robertsham.

With a mission to promote a culture of safety and vigilance, RSF has outlined several focus areas. Its primary goal is to actively engage residents through various safety and security measures that empower individuals to make informed decisions about their safety. One significant aspect of this approach is the establishment of neighbourhood watch programs in every street.


RSF organises regular meetings to encourage public participation, providing residents with a platform to voice concerns and share insights regarding security threats. Recognising the partnership between residents and law enforcement, the RSF aims to enhance collaboration with local SAPS and security companies in Robertsham. Open communication and mutual support are key to building trust and combating crime and security issues effectively.

The initiative plans to utilise social media and online platforms accessible to all community members as a hub for safety resources, including crime prevention tips, emergency contacts, and links to local authorities.

As the RSF gains momentum, it calls on all residents to contribute to the cause by attending meetings, joining neighbourhood watch programs, or remaining vigilant and supportive of one another. Small actions can make a significant difference in building a safer and more closely-knit Robertsham community.

Gaffoor emphasised that the RSF initiative embodies the spirit of unity and resilience in the suburb. Through collective vigilance and commitment, the community can ensure that every citizen feels secure, ultimately fostering a stronger and more tightly-knit community for future generations.

Source: Safety and security initiative takes root in Robertsham


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