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Newcastle Specialist Anaesthesiologist Found in Johannesburg



Newcastle Specialist Anaesthesiologist Found in Johannesburg

The sudden disappearance of Dr Zibela Nibe, a 35-year-old specialist anaesthesiologist associated with Mediclinic Newcastle, caused significant concern and intrigue on social media. However, Magenta Emergency Medical Services’ Charles Steyn has provided an update, confirming that Dr. Nibe has been located as reported by New Castillian.

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According to the Newcastle South African Police Service (SAPS), Dr. Nibe went missing on the afternoon of September 11, 2023, around 5 p.m. The doctor was last seen by his wife when he left their home in pyjamas to withdraw cash from an ATM.

Reports indicate that Dr. Nibe was spotted at the Newcastle Spar in Taxi City after leaving his residence, where he withdrew a substantial amount of cash before mysteriously disappearing.

Newcastillian News reached out to Mediclinic Newcastle for a statement regarding Dr. Nibe’s disappearance, but the medical facility could not provide any formal comment or information at this time.


Following an extensive search, emergency personnel received information that Dr. Nibe had been found. An official police source revealed that Dr. Nibe’s wife informed SAPS that he was currently in Johannesburg. Law enforcement is now taking steps to ensure the doctor’s safety and well-being.

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