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Former Drug Addict Resolves to Assist the Community



Former Drug Addict Resolves to Assist the Community

Sylvester Sauls, a reformed drug addict, has dedicated himself to supporting his community by providing shelter and assistance to individuals struggling with drug addiction during their recovery journey.

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Sauls’ passion project, the Freedom Recovery Centre, stems from his own challenging past, during which he battled homelessness and drug addiction for 13 years. He is now determined to help those facing similar circumstances by offering a six-month recovery program, equipping them to reintegrate into society successfully.

Drawing from his Christian upbringing in Florida, Sauls has been ordained as a pastor at the Rhema Freedom in Christ Ministries church. He firmly believes that individuals grappling with addiction should not become complacent in what he describes as their ‘rock-bottom’ situations.

“I have been there. I know all about wicked behavior and how it feels to lose bonds with family. I was a drug addict myself. Most of my addiction came from losing my father at a very young age, and I couldn’t fathom sleeping in a toilet when my house was just across the street, and that’s when I surrendered my life to God,” Sauls shared.


The recovery centre in Florida Lake currently accommodates five individuals on their path to recovery. Sauls and the house father, Darren Meyer, are actively seeking funding and donations to enhance the facilities, acquire furniture, and create a more comfortable living environment.

“We have a passion and heart for helping still-suffering addicts – we’ve seen miracles. I’ve booked quite a few addicts into rehab. Now we want to assist all guys, but resources are a problem. We need beds, bedding, food for the guys, rent also needs to be paid,” Sauls explained.

The Freedom Recovery Centre appeals to the Roodepoort community to extend their assistance in any form possible to turn this dream into reality. They encourage people to unite to support families in the battle against drug addiction.

Individuals willing to contribute can reach out to Sauls at 068 257 8919.

Source: Former drug addict determined to help community


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