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Salvokop Development Project to Create Thousands of Jobs




An estimated 3,215 jobs are set to be generated in the initial phase of a “mixed-use precinct project” located in Salvokop, to the west of the Tshwane city centre. This information was disclosed during a site inspection of the development by Sihle Zikalala, the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure.

The ongoing development forms part of the Tshwane inner city regeneration program and entails the construction of headquarters for five national government departments. These departments will be permanently situated within the precinct. The Minister stated that the head office for StatsSA has already been finalised, and the project will progress to construct the remaining four government department offices.

The five departments that will be housed in the precinct are the South African Security Agency, National Development Agency, Department of Higher Education and Training, Department of Home Affairs, and Department of Correctional Services.

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According to the department, this initiative highlights the government’s dedication to investing in infrastructure development, fostering sustainable economic growth, creating employment opportunities, and revitalising the construction sector.


The development was officially designated as a strategic integrated project (SIP) under the infrastructure investment plan approved by the cabinet in May 2020. It offers various significant advantages, such as promoting economic transformation and job creation.

The department emphasised the importance of spatial integration, human settlements, local government, and a mixed-use precinct with well-defined land use rights for government, business, institutional, and private open spaces. These features aim to ensure equal access to education, housing, employment opportunities, transportation, and recreational facilities.

The project aligns with the National Development Plan (NDP) 2030 and sustainable development goals by embracing the green economy through sustainable building practices and precinct design. This includes maximising the use of solar power, implementing rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling systems, planting over 700 indigenous trees, and establishing public parks.

The mixed-use precinct project was officially launched in November of the previous year by Patricia de Lille, who served as the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure Minister at that time.

Source: Salvokop development will create thousands of jobs


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