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Tshwane Police Probing Men’s Deaths in Collapsed Trench



Tshwane Police Probing Men's Deaths in Collapsed Trench

The SAPS in Tshwane district has initiated an inquest docket to investigate the tragic deaths of three men who were trapped inside a collapsed trench in Capital Park. The incident unfolded as they were engaged in repairing a sewage line on Myburgh Street. The victims, aged between 20 and 35, worked for a contractor the City of Tshwane contracted as reported by IOL.

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District police spokesperson Johan Van Dyk confirmed that an investigation was underway after the scene was turned over to the police on a Saturday morning. The inquest aims to shed light on the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate event.

Tshwane Emergency Services spokesperson Charles Mabaso revealed that among the workers involved, one contract worker sustained moderate to serious injuries and was transported to a hospital for medical care. Meanwhile, two other workers managed to escape the incident unscathed. The trench, estimated to be six meters deep and four meters wide, became a site of tragedy during the repair efforts.

During the challenging rescue operation, spanning more than 12 hours, technicians employed “two back actor earth working machines to create a stable sloped access.” This intricate effort aimed to ensure the safety of rescuers who worked tirelessly throughout the night. Ultimately, the bodies of the three contract workers trapped in the trench were recovered shortly after 6 am on Saturday.


The scene of the incident was subsequently handed over to the SAPS for further investigative measures. Tshwane Emergency Services emphasises the significance of adhering to safe trench working practices in light of this tragic occurrence. Regardless of the depth or size of trenches, the spokesperson urged contractors and workers to conduct proper evaluations of ground stability before initiating any work. This precautionary measure ensures the well-being and safety of workers and all individuals engaged in trench-related operations.

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