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Natasha Joubert Takes Crown as Miss South Africa 2023



Natasha Joubert Takes Crown as Miss South Africa 2023

In a notable event that took place on Sunday, Natasha Joubert emerged as the victor and was crowned the latest Miss South Africa. Originating from Gauteng, the 26-year-old holds a profession as a fashion designer as reported by Eyewitness News.

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Her triumph came after she surpassed the competition from fellow contenders Nande Mabala and Bryoni Govender. The decisive moment unfolded at the Sunbet Arena situated within the Time Square Casino in Pretoria.

Natasha Joubert now succeeds Ndavi Nokeri in assuming the esteemed title of Miss South Africa. This accomplishment marks the second time Joubert graced the Miss South Africa pageant. Her earlier participation was in the role of a runner-up during the 2020 edition. Notably, this elevated her to represent South Africa on the global stage as she participated in the 2021 Miss Universe competition.

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Photo: Twitter / @Miss South Africa

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