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Sandton’s Fine Arts Scene Elevates Johannesburg’s Profile



Sandton's Fine Arts Scene Elevates Johannesburg's Profile

The prestigious FNB Art Joburg returned to Sandton, once again serving as a unifying platform for artists, gallerists, and art studios hailing from various corners of the African continent and the global diaspora. This international gathering of artistic excellence unfolded at the Sandton Convention Centre from September 8 to 10, drawing collectors and art enthusiasts from around the world to bask in Sandton’s radiant atmosphere.

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For the past 16 years, the FNB Art Joburg Fair has been an integral part of Johannesburg’s cultural landscape, with FNB steadfastly supporting this event as a dedicated partner.

Mandla Sibeko, the managing director of FNB Art Joburg, emphasised the event’s pivotal role in nurturing a commercial economy that places African and diasporic artists at its core. He affirmed that Johannesburg is the rightful home for FNB Art Joburg, a city that mirrors the African continent’s love, resilience, and spirited energy.

The sentiment expressed by patrons and exhibitors resonates deeply with the event’s mission. They hailed FNB Art Joburg as an invaluable opportunity for networking and expanding audiences for African and diasporic arts.


Sinazo Chiya, an exhibitor from the Stevenson Gallery in Johannesburg, underscored the significance of a platform like FNB Art Joburg. It provides a forum for engaging conversations, forging new connections, and nurturing a new generation of art collectors. Chiya also highlighted the unique opportunity to introduce South African audiences to artists like Sosa Joseph, an India-based artist whose work was being showcased at the event.

FNB Art Joburg continues to be a beacon of artistic exchange and collaboration, drawing attention to the rich tapestry of African and diasporic artistry while fostering connections and opportunities for artists and collectors alike.

Source: The Fine Arts in Sandton put Joburg on the Map

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Photo: Supplied by the Sandton Chronicles

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