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EFF Tells SCA: Songs Like ‘Kill the Boer’ Common for Political Chant Flavour



Shoot the boer is typical for political chant flavour

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) defended the controversial struggle song, Dubul’ Ibhunu, in the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA), stating that Shoot the boer is typical for political chant flavour. The song, which translates to “Shoot the boer,” resurfaced at the EFF’s 10th-anniversary celebrations in Johannesburg over the weekend. EWN reports that despite previous legal challenges, the Joburg High Court ruled last year that the song was not hate speech in a case brought by AfriForum. However, AfriForum is now appealing this decision. The SCA will hear the case next month.

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The EFF argued before the SCA that political chants like Dubul’ Ibhunu are not literal policies but figurative embellishments commonly used in political gatherings. According to the party, these songs are not directed at specific groups but aim to address the country’s systemic issue of land inequity. They further argued that using such chants to incite harm or violence would be “fanciful” and impractical, considering the public nature of their events.

The EFF firmly believes that the High Court’s ruling was accurate and seeks the dismissal of AfriForum’s appeal. The hearing for the case will occur on September 4th, when the appellate court will reevaluate the fate of the song’s classification as hate speech.

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