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Joburg CBD Explosion: South Africans’ Hope in Their Country Questioned?



hope in South Africa after the Joburg explosion

There is a prevailing sense of losing hope in South Africa after the Joburg explosion. Now, many question the nation’s state. Per IOL, a conversation with a friend of Jody Jacobs in New York revealed the despair among South Africans, with some feeling defeated and resigned to the country’s challenges.

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The memories of a once vibrant and magical Johannesburg, with its transformation and revitalisation attempts, now contrast sharply with the reality of filth and safety concerns in certain areas. Questions arise about the lack of leadership and governance that may have contributed to the decline of cities and towns. As South Africans, it is essential to introspect and address tough questions about our role in the state of our communities, from littering to our coping mechanisms when faced with tragedy.

Despite the challenges, there is a call to reclaim hope and work towards making Johannesburg a world-class African city again.

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Picture: Twitter / KarenELotter

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