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Our Lady of Lebanon School Experiences Rare Snowfall



snow at Our Lady of Lebanon

Matric learners got a treat with the snow at Our Lady of Lebanon. The learners were surprised on July 10 as they began their winter schooling with snowfall. The unexpected weather phenomenon had fallen across Johannesburg and its surroundings, and the learners went out to enjoy the delicate flurries. It was their first time witnessing snow for some students, and they had lots of fun making snowballs.

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The school’s learners and staff were delighted by the snowfall, a rare occurrence in Johannesburg. They shared pictures and videos of the students enjoying the snow on social media, which quickly went viral.

Many South Africans were also excited about the snowfall. Some travelled to the nearby mountains to experience it. The snowfall was a welcome break from the cold and dreary winter weather, and many people took the opportunity to enjoy the snow while it lasted.

Source: Snow-much fun at Our Lady of Lebanon school


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Picture:  Facebook / Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Catholic School

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