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SAPS Offers 10,000 Entry-Level Police Trainee Posts for 2024



The South African Police Service (SAPS) has taken a significant stride towards bolstering its workforce by announcing the availability of 10,000 entry-level police trainee positions for the upcoming year, 2024. This move underscores the organisation’s commitment to reinforcing its ranks with fresh, dedicated individuals who are prepared to undertake the crucial responsibility of upholding law and order within communities as reported by Eyewitness News.

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The prospective recruits who are selected to fill these positions will embark on a comprehensive journey of professional growth. Over 21 months, they will immerse themselves in a meticulously crafted police and development learning program. This multifaceted curriculum has been designed to equip them with the essential knowledge, skills, and ethical understanding that the role demands.

The training process itself unfolds across three distinct phases, each contributing to the holistic development of the trainees. The initial phase, aptly termed “basic training,” is foundational and crucial. During this period, trainees will receive a monthly stipend of R4,500. This phase serves as the bedrock upon which subsequent phases build, ensuring a strong grounding in the fundamental tenets of police work.

Interested candidates aspiring to join the SAPS have a limited timeframe to seize this opportunity. The application window is set to close by the end of the current month, necessitating prompt action for those who wish to be part of this transformative journey in law enforcement.


Athlenda Mathe, a representative of the police, articulates the purpose behind this expansive recruitment effort. It revolves around the critical objective of placing “more boots on the ground,” a strategic manoeuvre designed to optimise the collective efforts to combat crime. The clarion call is extended to individuals who embody discipline, integrity, and a genuine passion for serving and safeguarding their communities. It is this passionate cohort that SAPS believes will be instrumental in realising the organisation’s overarching aim – to elevate the effectiveness of their response to the challenges posed by criminal activities.

SAPS’s initiative to advertise many entry-level police trainee positions resonates with its dedication to maintaining public safety. The article adeptly encapsulates the salient features of this announcement, spanning the number of positions, the immersive training process, the application deadline, and the driving motivation behind this recruitment endeavour.

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