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Important Notice: Residents Urged to Update Their Electricity Meter Boxes



electricity meters -Important Notice: Residents Urged to Update Their Electricity Meter Boxes

An emerging concern has arisen in the township of Kwa-Thema as residents encounter difficulties with their electricity meters when attempting to load voucher numbers. Addressing this issue, a statement from the City of Ekurhuleni (CoE) dated July 6 has shed light on the matter. The statement reveals that the city has implemented a token identifier rollover program to update the electricity meters, which will remain in effect until November 24, 2024. Moreover, the statement emphasises that tokens purchased but not utilised before the specified deadline will be rendered invalid.

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The CoE has provided clear instructions to the public to facilitate the meter updates. Customers will receive a receipt containing three tokens when making their first electricity purchase following the system settings update. These tokens must be entered in the exact sequence as printed on the receipt. The updating process typically takes about two minutes, ensuring a smooth transition to the new system.

Notably, the updated meter voucher numbers differ from the previous ones. They now consist of 11 token numbers, a shift from the former 10-token format. This change seeks to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of electricity meter transactions.

Ward 77 Clr Thulani Dunjane, who represents the community, acknowledges the issue’s magnitude, receiving numerous calls from residents struggling to load electricity vouchers even when the deadline has not passed. Clr Dunjane strongly encourages community members to seek assistance by taking their prepaid meters to the Kwa-Thema Customer Care Center (CCC). The centre’s knowledgeable staff can facilitate the necessary updates, ensuring a seamless experience for the residents.


Clr Dunjane also advises residents to carefully follow a recommended approach to overcome potential loading challenges. After purchasing electricity, they should attempt to load all the token numbers on the till slips in the precise sequence they appear. This conscientious approach may alleviate difficulties faced during the voucher loading process.

As Kwa-Thema residents navigate these meter problems, it is evident that the CoE is committed to addressing the issue through the token identifier rollover program. The city aims to enhance service efficiency and streamline the user experience by proactively updating the electricity meters. The transparent instructions provided by the city spokesperson, Zweli Dlamini, underscore the commitment to informing the public and ensuring a smooth transition to the updated system.

Overall, the community’s engagement with Ward 77 Clr Thulani Dunjane signifies the importance of accessible support in resolving meter-related concerns. The recommended action of visiting the Kwa-Thema CCC for assistance reinforces the city’s dedication to serving its residents effectively.

As the CoE’s token identifier rollover program continues its implementation, Kwa-Thema residents are encouraged to proactively address meter issues by availing themselves of the available resources and following the guidelines provided. With these collaborative efforts, the community can navigate the transitional period more easily and confidently in their electricity transactions.

Source: Residents urged to update their electricity meter boxes


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