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Soweto Theatre Music Programme Inspires with Captivating Concert



Soweto Theatre

The Soweto Theatre Music Tutorial Programme concluded with a captivating concert led by esteemed arts administrators and conductors Kutlwano Masote and Sifiso Msiza. The concert showcased diverse enchanting melodies, including popular songs like Joko Ya Hao, Shosholoza, and Circle of Life. The seamless programme curated by the conductors and young musicians exposed the audience to various musical brilliance as reported by Joburg Newroom.

Vincent Motau, the General Manager of Soweto Theatre, expressed his appreciation for the concert and highlighted the theatre’s commitment to musical education for local youngsters. Masote, who was approached by James Ngcobo, the Artistic Director of Joburg City Theatres, to lead the program, praised the performance stage in Jabulani, the only one in any township equipped with its in-house orchestra. Masote emphasised the exceptional talent of the learners, stating that their abilities are a testament to South Africa’s capability to reach an international level.

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The concert went beyond music, evoking upliftment, captivation, and therapeutic solace. The warm reception and flawless execution of the music showcased the immense potential of Soweto’s youth and their musical prowess. An awards ceremony was held to recognise the learners’ outstanding progress, and generous contributions were made to support their musical journey. Local businessman Zweli Mntambo donated a violin, Masote contributed a clarinet, and activist Nhlanhla “Lux” Dlamini presented additional instruments. Mntambo urged the community to donate unused instruments to sustain the musical aspirations of these budding musicians.

The awards ceremony concluded with a soul-stirring rendition of the local hymn “Rea Ho Leboha” by the brass band. Masote expressed gratitude to parents for their support and thanked the management of Soweto Theatre for providing a remarkable platform for the young musicians. Building on the concert’s success, a week-long music camp was organised, enrolling 120 learners from Soweto, Soshanguve, and neighbouring parts of Johannesburg, allowing them to continue their musical exploration and growth.


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