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Suspected Gunman Fatally Injured in Diepsloot Mob Attack



Suspected Gunman Fatally Injured in Diepsloot Mob Attack

Diepsloot, a community already burdened by rising crime levels, bore witness to another tragic incident as a suspected gunman lost his life in a brazen mob attack.

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Here’s a comprehensive account of the distressing Diepsloot mob attack:

The situation unfolded when the man was suspected of indiscriminately firing a weapon into the air, an act that rapidly escalated into a confrontation with local residents as reported by the Swisher Post.

This unsettling event unfolded just a day after Johannesburg Mayor Kabelo Gwamanda had engaged with Diepsloot’s community members to address their concerns, with crime and developmental challenges taking centre stage during the discussions, as reported by Sowetan.


Community leader Loyiso Toyiya provided insights into the sequence of events, explaining that a concerned resident had alerted him to the alarming situation.

Despite prior warnings, Toyiya recounted that the deceased individual was one of two people firing shots into the air. In response to this reckless behaviour, the community confronted the armed men, resulting in a violent altercation.

While one of the armed individuals managed to escape, the other tragically succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

Echoing the community’s sentiments, an unnamed resident expressed deep frustration with the escalating crime levels.

In a demonstration of collective determination, residents had organised a march just the previous Friday to protest the high crime rates in their area. They demanded a swift response from the police by the following Friday.


The surge in criminal activities has also taken a toll on local businesses, with some opting for early closures or even shutting down altogether due to concerns about becoming targets.

Alarming statistics from the police underscore the gravity of the situation in Diepsloot.

Between January and June 2023, the community witnessed 39 homicides, averaging one life lost per week. Rape has also surged, with 66 cases reported during this period, including 29 between April and June 2023.

These figures place Diepsloot 13th in Gauteng and 47th nationally for reported rape cases.

Of particular concern, Diepsloot leads both Gauteng and South Africa in cases of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, with 208 incidents reported within the first half of the year.


The Diepsloot community continues to grapple with these pressing challenges, calling for urgent action to address the growing security concerns and restore safety and peace to their neighbourhood.

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