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Tuks Clinches 2023 Varsity Netball Championship Title



Tuks Clinches 2023 Varsity Netball Championship Title

In a thrilling showdown that kept fans at Rembrandt Hall in Pretoria on the edge of their seats, Tuks clinched the 2023 Varsity Netball championship title with an unblemished record throughout the tournament. Under the expert guidance of Coach Jenny van Dyk, Tuks secured their third Varsity Netball title, previously winning the prestigious crown in 2019 as reported by GSport.

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The championship match got off to a fiercely contested start, with the University of Johannesburg (UJ) making an impressive surge in the opening five minutes of the first quarter. However, as anticipated, the University of Pretoria (UP) gradually asserted its strength, setting the stage for an intense and closely fought final. The lead changed hands multiple times during the game, reflecting the high-stakes nature of the contest.

Both teams displayed nerves in the final, resulting in several unforced errors. Nevertheless, Tuks managed to finish the first quarter with a three-goal lead.

As the match progressed, the team in Orange found themselves playing catch-up, falling behind in both the second and third quarters. The pivotal championship quarter brought excitement as the UJ team, coached by Bongi Msomi, mounted an impressive comeback.


With just four minutes left in the Varsity Netball final, UJ strategically invoked their power-play, narrowing the deficit and resulting in a thrilling tie of 49-49.

The match entered extra time as the final whistle blew with the score level at 51-51. In this extended period, UJ staged a remarkable comeback. However, they could not clinch victory, as Tuks secured a last-minute win.

This match marked the eleventh encounter between the Stripe Generation and the Orange Army in Varsity Netball. Tuks has dominated the series with ten victories, while UJ managed a single win in 2022.

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