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Tirong Complex Residents Hold Ward Councillor Hostage in Standoff



Ward 134 councillor Devon Steenkamp was held hostage

Ward 134 councillor Devon Steenkamp was held hostage at the City Power’s Randburg Service Delivery Centre premises in Kya Sand by Tirong Complex residents on July 13. The frustrated residents raised concerns over recent power outages and believed the councillor was not providing updates. They demanded information about the whereabouts of technicians supposedly fixing the cables.

Steenkamp did not disclose the information, leading to a brawl as residents closed the gates, preventing anyone from entering or leaving the depot until he provided the location of the technicians. Zacaria Matabane from Kya Sand expressed frustration, stating that the ward councillor gave them nothing concrete and demanded a concrete plan and accountability from the authorities.

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Steenkamp explained that he understands the residents’ frustrations but pointed out that he has multiple issues to address in his ward, including water outages. He stressed that preventing him from leaving the premises would not help. He urged the residents to trust City Power and their councillor’s updates.

Belinda Kayser-Echeozonjoku, the DA caucus leader, expressed deep concern about service delivery failures, delays, and lack of communication endangering the lives of ward councillors and residents across the city. She highlighted that the issue poses a significant threat to councillors and the well-being and safety of residents throughout Johannesburg.


Steenkamp was eventually rescued by private security, ending the tense situation. The incident highlights the frustrations and challenges communities face when dealing with service delivery issues, urging authorities to find solutions to address their concerns effectively.

Source: Ward councillor held hostage by residents

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