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Homegrown Athletes Illuminate Hungary with Exceptional Performances



The success of Tembisa Athletics at the World Athletics Championships is a testament to the talent, dedication, and unwavering spirit of the athletes and the community.

On August 14, the world witnessed a remarkable showcase of talent and determination as athletes hailing from Tembisa Athletics proudly represented their community at the prestigious World Athletics Championships held in Hungary. Their exceptional performances brought pride to Tembisa and firmly placed this South African community on the global athletics map.

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Tembisa Athletics has long been recognised as a nurturing ground for sporting excellence. The club has consistently fostered and championed local athletes, equipping them with the essential training and opportunities needed to exhibit their prowess on the international stage.

The World Athletics Championships served as the ultimate proving ground, attracting top-tier athletes from across the globe. Among these competitors, the representatives from Tembisa Athletics shone brightly, leaving an indelible mark in various track and field events.

These achievements are a testament to the remarkable talent and unwavering dedication of these athletes, as well as the relentless efforts of their coaches and the steadfast support of the Thembisa community.


Elvis Khoza, the coach of Thembisa Athletics, expressed immense pride in the athletes’ accomplishments, emphasising, “We are incredibly proud of our athletes for their exceptional performances at the World Athletics Championships. They have demonstrated that hard work, perseverance, and the community’s support can lead to remarkable achievements.”

The success of these athletes inspires the younger generations in the Thembisa community, instilling in them the belief that they, too, can pursue their athletic dreams and achieve greatness. These athletes have become role models, shining examples of the immense potential for excellence within Thembisa.

The unity and support of the Thembisa community were prominently displayed as residents came together to organise events and celebrations in honour of the athletes returning home from their global triumphs. The heartwarming scenes at the OR Tambo International Airport underscored the profound impact that these athletes have had on their community.

Tembisa Athletics, by providing a platform for athletes to excel, plays an indispensable role in shaping the future of athletics in the region. The community of Thembisa stands resolutely behind Tembisa Athletics, ready to support its future endeavours and uphold the legacy of sporting excellence that these athletes have established

Source: Local athletes shine in Hungary


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Photo: Supplied by Soweto Urban

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