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10-Year Water Pipe Leak in Bordeaux Finally Repaired by Johannesburg Water



10-year-old leak in Bordeaux

Johannesburg Water finally repaired a 10-year-old leak in Bordeaux. The repair occurred in June. However, the aftermath of the restoration – including the removal of rubble – is still pending, leaving residents somewhat frustrated.

The saga around this water leak began to unfold after a recent article published by Randburg Sun on July 16 highlighted the long-standing issue. This publication sought a response from Johannesburg Water at the time. But it went to print without official comment due to a lack of timely communication.

Johannesburg Water stated on August 4, addressing the matter and clarifying their perspective. The statement acknowledged the leak history and emphasised the necessity for community involvement in reporting such issues to facilitate swift resolution.

According to the statement, Johannesburg Water relied on community-reported reference numbers to track and address water-related concerns. However, the article only referenced one leak incident from June 2022, not acknowledging other times when the leak occurred over the past decade.

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The statement explained that after identifying the leak, Johannesburg Water initiated a follow-up job and repaired the leak on June 2. However, the reinstatement process, including addressing the rubble left behind, was handed over to a separate contractor. The CoJ Ombudsman was informed of the progress in June 2023, reflecting the completion of work at the location.

Johannesburg Water further disclosed that a comprehensive pipe replacement project will occur for the current financial year (2023/24). The project is currently in the design stage, with implementation dependent on the availability of funds.

Responding to this development, resident Colin Glajchen expressed satisfaction that the leak had been finally addressed. Nonetheless, he voiced concerns over the unremoved rubble left behind after the repair work. He is hopeful that Johannesburg Water will address this concern soon.

As of now, queries regarding the removal of the remaining rubble and a potential timeline for its removal remain unanswered. Further communication is expected from Johannesburg Water in this regard.

Source: Johannesburg Water repairs ’10-year-old leak’ in Bordeaux


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