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Exposed Pipe and Hazardous Hole on Louis Botha Avenue and Houghton Drive to be Addressed by Johannesburg Water



exposed pipe and a hole

Johannesburg Water has taken swift action to address a hazardous situation involving an exposed pipe and a hole on Louis Botha Avenue and Houghton Drive. The organisation confirmed its commitment to backfilling the excavation and installing valve boxes by August 13, relieving concerned residents.

The issue was brought to light by a resident, Joy Kanter, who reached out to the Gazette on August 2 to express her concerns about the dangerous conditions at the intersection. Kanter described encountering debris strewn across the road and a sizable water-filled hole.

Johannesburg Water’s external communications officer, Nolwazi Dhlamini, clarified that the excavation resulted from a burst pipe that necessitated immediate repairs. She explained, “We had another challenge where there was an old pipe discharging water into the open excavated hole, and we had to conduct a leak detection test to get to the root of the seepage. The seepage was located further upstream and has since been repaired.”

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The hazardous situation also extended to a horizontal pothole that posed a threat to vehicles passing through the area. Kanter highlighted that this issue had persisted for several weeks if not months.


Dhlamini assured the public that Johannesburg Water is closely monitoring the situation to prevent further water discharge into the open excavation before the backfilling process. She stated, “The backfilling will be done by August 13, as we will be starting with installing valve boxes tomorrow, August 9.”

Responding to inquiries about the resolution of the horizontal pothole, Dhlamini indicated that Johannesburg Water’s awareness is on the concrete reinstatement within the vicinity of the open excavation.

The proactive approach taken by Johannesburg Water in addressing this hazardous situation showcases the organisation’s commitment to the safety and well-being of the community it serves.

Source: Johannesburg Water to start backfilling an exposed pipe and hole on Louis Botha Avenue and Houghton Drive

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Picture: Facebook / Johannesburg Water

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