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Bolt’s Bajaj Qute Vehicles Vandalised in Johannesburg



Bolt's Bajaj Qute Vehicles Vandalised in Johannesburg

Johannesburg has witnessed a disturbing trend of vandalism targeting Bajaj Qute vehicles, and tensions are rising among transport service operators in response to the new vehicles being utilised on the Bolt e-hailing platform.

Bajaj Qute drivers, who chose to remain anonymous, reported feeling threatened and intimidated from the moment they began operating these vehicles in late July. According to one driver, the situation has been deteriorating daily as reported by News 24.

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In a widely circulated video recorded on September 5, two individuals disembarked from what appeared to be a taxi association vehicle and proceeded to vandalise a parked Bajaj Qute. The footage captures the moment when a brick was hurled through the vehicle’s window, while other objects were used to damage its wheels, doors, and windows. It’s worth noting that the Qute driver fled the scene just moments before their vehicle was attacked.

In addition to this incident, other cases have involved these vehicles being overturned and subjected to vandalism, including smashed windscreens and windows.


Sello Maremane, the spokesperson for Gauteng Traffic Police, mentioned on September 7 that they had not received any formal reports of such incidents. Nevertheless, they acknowledged having seen the viral footage of Bajaj Qute vehicles being vandalised on social media. Efforts are being made to address the situation on the ground to prevent further harm or loss of life.

Xolani Fihla, spokesperson for the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department, stated that no Bajaj Qute drivers had reported such incidents to the department at that time. Fihla expressed concern for people’s safety, particularly in light of the incidents depicted on social media.

Takura Malaba, Bolt’s regional manager for East and Southern Africa, acknowledged the issue of vandalism and firmly condemned criminal conduct and violence directed at ride-hailing drivers. He emphasised Bolt’s commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of all drivers.

The South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO) spokesperson, Mmatshikhidi Phala, also condemned the violent actions witnessed within the taxi industry and assured that the matter was under investigation. Phala stressed that SANTACO does not endorse or mandate violence against road users and acknowledged the presence of criminal elements within the industry. The vehicle used by the vandals was confirmed to belong to a taxi patrol service, but its association affiliation remains unknown.

The introduction of Bajaj Qute vehicles to the Bolt platform in July has faced challenges, including impoundment by Gauteng Traffic Police due to a lack of valid operating licenses. Currently, these vehicles operate in specific areas of Johannesburg, with plans for expansion across the country. However, challenges have led some drivers to leave the platform.


Takura Malaba reaffirmed Bolt’s commitment to working collaboratively with all stakeholders in the transport industry to find mutually beneficial solutions for all parties involved.

Take a look at the video below:

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