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Stage 6 Load Shedding Strains Tshwane’s Power Grid



Stage 6 Load Shedding Strains Tshwane's Power Grid

Tshwane, South Africa’s administrative capital, finds itself in the midst of a challenging situation as residents grapple with prolonged power outages due to Eskom’s escalated Stage 6 load shedding. The city’s infrastructure is strained to its limits, leading to detrimental consequences for both electricity supply and water provision as reported by Eyewitness News.

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Themba Fosi, the Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) for Utilities in Tshwane, voiced serious concerns regarding the impact of these heightened load-shedding levels on the city’s electricity network and infrastructure. The frequent and abrupt disruptions to the electricity supply, which is the hallmark of load shedding, are taking a toll on the condition of the network infrastructure. Tshwane’s networks were originally designed for a more stable power supply, and the continuous on-off cycle during load shedding is causing significant wear and tear.

Residents bear a double burden as the capital city also has critically low water levels. Selby Bokaba, a spokesperson for the city, cited a surge in water demand driven by scorching temperatures and increased consumption. This heightened demand has put immense strain on the City of Tshwane and Rand Water’s supply systems.

As a result, the reservoirs need help to fill up at a rate that can meet the surging demand for water. This dual crisis, with both electricity and water supply under duress, has placed residents in a precarious situation. They must navigate extended power outages while coping with limited access to essential water resources. This challenging scenario highlights the pressing need for effective infrastructure upgrades and measures to alleviate these critical issues facing the city’s residents.


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