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Bomb Threat: Evacuation and Road Closures at Hoërskool Kempton Park



Bomb Threat Evacuation and Road Closures at Hoërskool Kempton Park

Learners and faculty members at Hoërskool Kempton Park underwent a meticulous evacuation procedure this morning in response to a bomb threat that was reported.

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The spokesperson for the Kempton Park South African Police Service (SAPS), Sergeant Dipuo Ditshego, has officially confirmed the police presence at the scene.

Sergeant Ditshego stated, “Various specialised law enforcement units have been dispatched to the school premises. We are currently awaiting the arrival of the bomb squad to ascertain the legitimacy of the threat or if it turns out to be a false alarm.”

Importantly, Sergeant Ditshego reassured the public that all school students and staff members have been accounted for and are safe.


In response to the ongoing situation, several roads in the vicinity of the school have been temporarily closed to traffic, and residents are strongly advised to steer clear of the area while authorities conduct a comprehensive search and investigation.

Furthermore, considering the evolving circumstances, parents of students attending Hoërskool Kempton Park are advised against rushing to the school at this time. The authorities are actively managing the situation, and additional updates will be provided as the situation unfolds.

Source: BOMB THREAT: Hoërskool Kempton Park learners evacuated, roads closed

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Photo: Supplied by Kempton Express

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