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Vosloorus Businessman Sentenced to 18 Years for Attempted Murder



Detective Sergeant Noel Mavundla from Vosloorus SAPS

Trever Tebogo Poe, aged 39, received an 18-year direct imprisonment sentence from the Vosloorus Magistrate’s Court. This conviction results from his involvement in the attempted murder and kidnapping of Sabelo Hlwatshwayo, 31, on December 6, 2021.

Poe mistook Hlwatshwayo for a thief and proceeded to assault him before forcibly taking him into his vehicle. He abandoned him in an open field near the Thelle Mogoerane Regional Hospital (TMRH) in Vosloorus.

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Detective Sergeant Noel Mavundla of Vosloorus SAPS, who led the investigation, recounted that Hlwatshwayo’s mother reported the incident after her daughter informed her of her brother’s injuries in an open field. Hlwatshwayo had been receiving medical treatment at TMRH.

Hlwatshwayo later explained to his mother that he had been asked to stand in for a security guard friend at an address in Vosloorus. Unbeknownst to the landlord, he was guarding the premises. However, the landlord mistakenly believed him to be a thief, leading to the assault.


Mavundla stated that, according to Hlwatshwayo’s testimony in court, the attack began in the house, where Poe used a panga to assault him. Subsequently, Hlwatshwayo was taken to an open field, where the assault continued. Passersby discovered him unconscious and took him to TMRH. Medical reports, including the J88 report and photographs presented as evidence, documented Hlwatshwayo’s injuries.

The police arrested Poe the day after the incident was reported. The case was initially opened on behalf of the victim, and Mavundla used the time provided by a “skeleton docket” to conduct a comprehensive investigation and collect statements, including the J88 report.

Poe’s first court appearance was on January 23, 2023, and he was convicted on July 26, 2023. During the court proceedings, Poe expressed remorse and a desire to apologize to the victim’s family. Still, Mavundla, as the investigating officer, could not advise him due to a conflict of interest.

Poe was found guilty on both counts—attempted murder and kidnapping. He received a 12-year prison sentence for the attempted murder charge and a six-year sentence for kidnapping, with the two counts to run concurrently.

Mavundla highlighted the challenges during the investigation, including difficulties communicating with the victim’s family and addressing court queries. Despite challenges, Mavundla expressed satisfaction with the conviction and appreciated the collaboration of his colleagues, Sergeants Ntombi Shimange and Katekane Sarila.


Poe began serving his sentence at Boksburg Correctional Service on July 26. This successful conviction underscored the importance of teamwork and dedication in bringing justice to the victims of such incidents.

Source: Vosloorus businessman sentenced 18 years for attempted murder and kidnapping

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Photo: Supplied by Alberton Record

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