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City of Ekurhuleni Responds to Issues at Chris Hani Clinic



City of Ekurhuleni

The City of Ekurhuleni has addressed concerns raised by the Boksburg Advertiser regarding the inadequate water and power backup systems at Villa Liza’s Chris Hani Clinic.

Following the publication’s recent article highlighting the detrimental impact of frequent water cuts and power outages on the clinic’s cleanliness and service delivery, complainants, including Ekurhuleni DA PR Clr Sinethemba Matiwane and patients, emphasised the increased risk of infections for both staff and patients due to the absence of functional backup systems.

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In response to our inquiry, spokesperson Zweli Dlamini acknowledged the department’s awareness of the situation. Dlamini explained that the clinic’s water supply backup system was faulty, resulting in an overflowing JoJo tank. The system lacked a mechanism to halt the pump when the tank reached its capacity. Technicians temporarily cut off the electrical supply to address the issue, but this action disrupted the water supply from the JoJo tank during water cuts.

When questioned about the city’s plans to resolve the matter, Dlamini revealed that a work order was submitted to the Real Estate Department on April 25. The plumbing team was dispatched to the clinic on June 28 to address the situation.


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Regarding the availability of a backup power system at the clinic, such as a generator or solar system, we contacted the metro for clarification. Dlamini responded, stating that the Chris Hani Clinic does possess a generator, but it is currently inoperable due to the theft of its battery. A work order has been submitted to the Real Estate Department to arrange for its replacement.

The City of Ekurhuleni has acknowledged the issues surrounding the water and power backup systems at the Chris Hani Clinic. They have taken steps to rectify the faulty water supply backup system and have initiated the process of replacing the stolen battery for the clinic’s generator.

Source: Metro to attend to Chris Hani Clinic water and electricity woes

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Photo: Supplied by Boksburg Advertiser

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