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Tshwane EFF demands removal of controversial billboard



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A billboard on a highway in Pretoria has ignited controversy by calling for President Cyril Ramaphosa to arrest Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The billboard, erected by the US-based campaigning organisation Avaaz, appeared on the N1 and R21 highways between Johannesburg and Pretoria in May as reported by the Time Live.

The EFF has demanded the billboard’s removal, asserting that it violates municipal bylaws and lacks approval from the metro.

While the municipality has not commented on the issue, the bylaws stipulate that written consent must be obtained for any sign to be erected.

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The EFF argues that freedom of expression should not be used to incite violence and suggests that arresting Putin could lead to conflict within the country.

They accuse the DA of funding the installation of the billboards, although Tshwane Mayor Cilliers Brink denies this allegation.

The EFF maintains that the billboard is provocative and misuses the right to freedom of expression, as individuals have differing opinions on the arrest of Putin.

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