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Egoli Gas Addresses Joburg CBD Gas Line Explosion



Egoli Gas Addresses Joburg CBD Gas Line Explosion

Egoli Gas has provided a detailed account of the gas explosion incident that transpired on Tuesday, September 5, in the Johannesburg CBD. The explosion occurred during maintenance work on the infrastructure in Braamfontein, leading to injuries for five individuals as reported by SA Peoples News.

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In an official statement, Egoli Gas issued the following information:

On September 5, 2023, in the late afternoon, an isolated fire incident took place on the corner of Bertha and De Korte Streets in Braamfontein, Johannesburg CBD. This incident was related to a specific gas line within our infrastructure.

“The gas pipeline was immediately isolated, and the fire was successfully contained within 15 minutes.”


Egoli Gas has been actively collaborating with the Executive Team of the City of Johannesburg since the earlier Bree Street explosion in July 2023, with a shared commitment to enhancing safety within the city. This collaborative effort includes inspecting and reinforcing various segments of the gas pipeline network, particularly following concerns about potential damage to Egoli Gas infrastructure from the previous incident.

The process of ensuring the city’s safety is being implemented in phases, building on the groundwork established after the Bree Street incident in July.

Egoli Gas, in conjunction with the Executive Team of Johannesburg, is set to implement additional safety measures to prevent the recurrence of such incidents’ recurrence. To this end, a comprehensive root cause analysis will be conducted. Furthermore, an agreement has been reached with the Executive Team of Johannesburg to inform the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) of future maintenance work. This proactive step will help manage traffic and public movement effectively in areas where such work is planned.

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