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2024 School Year: Almost 100,000 Grade 1 and 8 Placements



2024 School Year Almost 100,000 Grade 1 and 8 Placements

The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) has successfully placed nearly 100,000 grade one and grade eight students in schools within the province. As of September 4, GDE spokesperson Steve Mabona reported that 61,180 grade one students and 38,674 grade eight students had been allocated placements. Parents were urged to accept these placement offers within seven school days.

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Mabona provided further details, stating that by September 4, 228,027 parents had received placement messages. Of these, 99,854 had accepted placement offers as final, while 1,662 accepted offers while awaiting further options. Notably, 126,511 parents still needed to respond to placement offers.

It was emphasised that accepting placement offers within seven school days was crucial, as offers not accepted within this timeframe would result in automatic placement at the school closest to the parent’s home address with available space.

Mabona also clarified the placement criteria, ranking applicants in the following order until each school reached its capacity:

  • Home address within the school feeder zone closest to the school
  • Siblings already attending the school (grades 1–7 or 8–11 only)
  • Previous school attendance within the feeder zone of the applied school

Once schools reached capacity and applicants failed to accept offers in time, they were transferred to schools with available space.

Moreover, Mabona explained that placement offers for applicants in different categories would be released in the following order, depending on school capacity:

  • Work address within the school feeder zone
  • Home address within a 30km radius
  • Home address beyond a 30km radius

Parents with incomplete applications, lacking documents or valid proof of residence, would only be able to select a school with available space starting in December of the current year.

For inquiries, assistance, or comments, individuals can contact the GDE through various channels:

The GDE can also be reached through their social media platforms, including Facebook (The Gauteng Department of Education, @EducationGP1) and Instagram (@gautengdepartmentofeducation).

Source: 2024 school year: Close to 100 000 Gr 1s and 8s placed so far

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