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Emperors Hosts Gathering of Braai Enthusiasts



Emperors Hosts Gathering of Braai Enthusiasts

Over the past weekend, Emperors Palace’s Red Roman Shed became the ultimate destination for barbecue enthusiasts as it hosted the highly anticipated Ultimate Braai Master event. This gathering catered to the tastes and desires of those passionate about grilling and outdoor cooking.

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The event offered attendees a wide array of attractions and products to explore. From knife sharpeners to eco-friendly, chemical-free charcoal, there was no shortage of options to enhance the grilling experience. Visitors found themselves in a world of culinary possibilities, all while being treated to the spectacle of South Africa’s leading chefs showcasing their skills by creating delectable dishes on the braai.

Adding to the vibrant atmosphere were top comedians who provided entertainment, ensuring everyone in attendance had a fantastic time. It was a weekend where flavours, laughter, and the joy of barbecue came together to create an unforgettable experience for all braai enthusiasts gathered at Emperors Palace’s Red Roman Shed.

Source: Braai enthusiasts gather at Emperors


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Photo: Supplied by Kempton Express

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