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JMPD Enforces Public Urination Cleanup on Taxi Driver



The Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) continues to strictly enforce hygiene bylaws in the city centre, particularly targeting individuals urinating in public.

JMPD Holds Offenders Accountable

On Saturday, May 27, the JMPD officers compelled a taxi driver to clean up his own urine after he relieved himself in the inner city.

Combating Irresponsible Behavior

With the aim of fostering a clean and safe environment, the JMPD operations officers ensured that the offender took responsibility for his actions by requiring him to clean up the mess.

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Previous Incidents Addressed

Last month, the JMPD focused on identifying and holding accountable individuals who urinated on the streets. One man was ordered to clean up after himself near the #JMPD Command Post Bus at St Mary’s Cathedral on Wanderers and De Villiers Street in the Johannesburg CBD. Another incident involved a man mopping his urine next to St Mary’s Cathedral on Wanderers Street.


Positive Public Response

Many members of the public have praised the Metro officials for their efforts to enforce bylaws and educate individuals about hygiene. The actions have also been appreciated for bringing order to the street vending space, which has become unsightly in the CBD area.

Promoting Cleanliness

JMPD Director Jaca recently took to the streets to encourage informal traders at De Villiers between Wanderers and Rissik Streets in the Johannesburg CBD to maintain cleanliness in their business areas. Jaca emphasized the importance of keeping the occupied trading areas clean and sanitary during the cleanup initiative.

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Photo: Facebook / @Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department – JMPD

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