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Gauteng Police Intensify Fight Against Gender-Based Violence



Gauteng Police Intensify Fight Against Gender-Based Violence

In an unwavering stance against the pervasive scourge of gender-based violence (GBV), law enforcement in Gauteng has undertaken a pivotal endeavour. With unwavering determination, they have prioritised GBV cases across the province, aligning their efforts with a broader mission to curtail the incidence of these reprehensible acts as reported by Eyewitness News.

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This strategic approach was spurred into motion by a recent development: the arrest of 169 individuals implicated in various gender-based violence incidents. These apprehensions transpired during Operation Shanela, a concerted initiative by the police force. Commencing on a Wednesday night, this operation has thus far culminated in the arrest of more than 800 suspects, encompassing an array of offences.

Provincial Police Commissioner Elias Mawela has unequivocally conveyed the unequivocal stance of law enforcement in response to these criminal transgressions. With resounding clarity, he has underscored that any transgressor who dares to perpetrate crimes against women and children will not escape scrutiny. Such offenders will not only be singled out as a priority but they will also be met with decisive action. This pronouncement resonates as both a solemn warning and a testament to the unequivocal commitment of the police to safeguarding the vulnerable members of society.

The endeavour to address gender-based violence has garnered unswerving attention from the law enforcement apparatus in Gauteng. Their proactive stance, as evidenced by the prioritisation of GBV cases, reflects a conscientious step towards a safer society. The focal point of their determination is the aforementioned Operation Shanela, which has demonstrated its efficacy through the apprehension of numerous suspects. This robust response aligns with a broader approach to law enforcement that spans diverse criminal activities.


The assertion made by Provincial Police Commissioner Elias Mawela encapsulates the collective resolve of the police force. His words echo with a sense of accountability and a pledge to uphold justice. By emphasising that those who perpetrate crimes against women and children will face the full brunt of the law, Commissioner Mawela underscores the significance of the mission and the unwavering dedication of law enforcement to its fulfilment.

The narrative encapsulates an earnest commitment to addressing gender-based violence through a multi-faceted strategy. The emphasis on prioritising cases, as exemplified by the police’s resolute actions and Commissioner Mawela’s unequivocal words, underscores the gravity of the issue and the imperative to protect vulnerable members of society. The unfolding story speaks of a collective determination to forge a safer, more equitable future rooted in justice and accountability.

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