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Ramokgopa Urges Government Buildings to Cut Electricity Consumption



government buildings need to reduce electricity usage

Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa says government buildings need to reduce electricity usage. In a media briefing on Sunday regarding progress against load shedding, Ramokgopa highlighted the importance of government leading by example. Jacaranda FM reports that Minister of Public Works Sihle Zikalala is taking steps to address the issue of energy consumption in government buildings, which sometimes consume energy even during non-working hours. Ramokgopa stresses that simple actions can reduce load-shedding and save energy bills.

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Ramokgopa also points out that only Gauteng and Mpumalanga have sufficient grid capacity in the country. Eskom has directed efforts to areas with grid capacity to maintain balance. Despite the challenges, there are no plans to shut down the underperforming Tutuka power station in Mpumalanga. While Tutuka’s performance is below standard, efforts are underway to restore specific units, ensuring its continued operation.

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