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GP Health Boosts Awareness Following Food Poisoning Incident



GP Health Boosts Awareness Following Food Poisoning Incident

The Gauteng Health Department’s response team took action to raise health awareness following a recent food poisoning incident in Soweto.

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Five children in Naledi fell ill on Sunday after consuming biscuits purchased from a local spaza shop, which were suspected to be tainted. Tragically, two of these children passed away, while the remaining three received medical attention.

To prevent future incidents, the response team collaborated with the Naledi community and neighbouring areas to educate on safe food handling, preparation, storage, and the significance of checking food expiration dates.

Motalatale Modiba of the department emphasised, “They also sensitised the community on what to do when they exhibit symptoms of food poisoning, such as cramps, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. When individuals experience these symptoms, it is crucial that they promptly seek assistance at the nearest healthcare facility for further treatment.”


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