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Tragic Stabbing Claims Life of Grade 9 Learner in Meadowlands



grade 9 learner was stabbed in Meadowlands

A grade 9 learner was stabbed in Meadowlands. The Gauteng Department of Education extends its condolences to the family and the school community of Thuto-Lore Secondary School in Soweto. This action comes after the tragic incident where the learner lost his life. The 15-year-old student attended the school in Meadowlands East.

The incident occurred on August 29th, when a criminal fatally stabbed the learner in a robbery attempt. The 19-year-old suspect attacked the student when he tried to resist the theft of his bicycle. The confrontation led to the suspect stabbing the victim in the chest before fleeing.

After the incident, angry students from the school in Zone 1 took to the streets in search of the alleged suspect, intending to seek revenge for their fellow learner’s death. Their search led them to the home of the alleged suspect, where they reportedly threatened to set the house on fire.

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Steve Mabona, spokesperson for the Gauteng Department of Education, expressed the department’s sadness: “The Gauteng Department of Education is regrettably aware of the passing of a Grade 9 learner (16-year-old) from Thutolore Secondary School on Wednesday, August 30th outside school premises. The learner was unfortunately stabbed and succumbed to his injuries at the scene.”


The department sent its Psycho-Social Support Unit to the school in response to the tragedy. They aimed to provide counselling and trauma support to affected learners and staff. Meanwhile, the police initiated an investigation into the incident.

Local Meadowlands SAPS was on the scene to monitor the escalating tensions. They urged the learners not to take matters into their own hands. According to SAPS spokesperson Dimakatso Nevhuhulwi, the 19-year-old suspect turned himself into the police on September 1st, leading to the registration of a murder case. The suspect will appear in court soon as the investigation unfolds.

Source: Grade 9 learner in Meadowlands stabbed and killed

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Picture: Pexels / kat wilcox

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