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Illegal Mining Causes Germiston Power Outage: City Plunged into Darkness



Illegal mining caused the Germiston power outage

Illegal mining caused the Germiston power outage. The prolonged power outage started on August 16, with residents and businesses facing financial losses. The cause of the blackout is underground illegal mining activity near a substation close to Makause informal settlement.

According to Ward 36 Clr Wendy Morgan, the illegal miners ignited a fire near a cable, leading to damage that caused a power surge. This surge also damaged link boxes along a 15km line. Eskom initially struggled to locate the fault but managed to do so by August 17.

The affected areas include Tedstoneville, Germiston South Industries, Dukathole, and more. The water supply was also disrupted as the municipality couldn’t pump water to the Windsor pump station due to power loss.

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Repair work was completed by Eskom by 10:00 on August 21, with the power entity conducting tests before the restoration of power commenced. Despite these efforts, residents and businesses continued to suffer, incurring expenses to run generators and facing the impact of spoiled food. The situation has prompted some homeowners to contemplate relocating, and companies face closures.


Germiston City News, directly impacted by the power outage, has contacted Eskom and local authorities for comment on the situation, including questioning the prevention of further mining-related incidents and the economic repercussions on the city’s economy.

Source: Germiston Power Outage: City dumped in darkness due to illegal mining

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